Outdoor Fir PitSo it’s been a busy few weeks here at Piney Hill working on our newest addition, the outdoor fire pit.  We have worked hard clearing, grading and landscaping an area near the old Smokehouse for our newest outdoor area.  We searched the property over looking for a spot that would be blocked by wind, a good spot to view our many mountains and ultimately a spot to enjoy some star gazing.  During the winter months we will be offering Hot Cider and S’mores on Sat. nights from 5 to 7 for the guests to enjoy before heading out to dinner or settling in for the night.  We have also moved our outdoor swing and several cozy chairs and blankets to make the area comfy for guests.  We tried it out the night of the super moon and I have to say we are pretty proud of how it turned out.  So come on out and give it a try.