Yesterday; Monday, September 29, 2014 we had the opportunity to take in a hike. It looks as though we are going to have an earlier fall season this year as the colors are already visible.

Mary’s Rock hiking trail has 2 options. You can either park at the upper parking area which is located at Milepost 31, park towards the back of the parking lot at the bathroom area.  From this start point the trail is 3.7 miles round trip; difficult with outstanding views.  For the second option you park at the Meadow Springs parking lot located at Milepost 34 and cross the road to start the trail; moderately difficult to outstanding views.  You will see a concrete pillar, read the metal band which will have an arrow with the mile length of the trail.

We went with option 2; 2.8 miles round trip which starts off a little steep, but shortly levels out a bit. You will have two spots during the hike where the trail meets another and you have to read the metal bands on the concrete pillars which will point you in the right direction.  Before you get out to the beautiful view at the top you will see a couple of places that veer off to large rocks with awesome views.  They are easy to detect.

Once you get to the very top you’ll want to have your camera ready for some spectacular views of multiple mountain ranges.

You might consider stopping at West Main Market or Gathering Grounds on Main Street in Luray for a picnic lunch.  There are a few spots along the way or at the top to have lunch and soak up the views that Mother Nature has provided.  Have a great time!  Don’t forget your bug stray, bottled water and sun screen.