Mill Prong Trail to the Rapidan Camp

We enjoyed a very nice hike on Skyline Drive called the Mill Prong Trail .  The trail head is located between milepost 52 & 53.  You park at the Milam Gap parking lot, cross the road and start the trail turning left almost immediately.  The trail is about 4 miles round trip.  You will see a concrete post that has a metal band with arrows that directs you on the correct path.

The trail is so scenic with ferns, streams, waterfalls and rock beds before arriving at the Rapidan Camp.  Rapidan Camp was President Herbert Hoover and first Lady Lou Henry’s retreat from 1929-1932.  We enjoyed a nice history lesson and a tour of the cabin by a very nice gentleman.   This is a great hike to pick up a picnic lunch in town at either West Main Market or Gathering Grounds before heading up to the mountain for the hike.  Don’t forget to include a bottle of water!